Happy new year folks. It's been a crazy one for me. I had to move, I married, I did this crowdfunding campaign... I hope that you had at least as good a 2014 as I had.

But you are not here for some best wishes, but for an update regarding the campaign and routing in Joomla. In that regard I have quite a bit of good news for you. These are the Pullrequests, that I made production ready in the last few weeks:

Especially the last one is important, since this one finally implements all the behavior of the core routers in one easy-to-use rule. Most of these Pullrequests have not only the actual code, but also full code coverage via unittests in them. You might be wondering why the PRs contain so many changed files and seemingly the same changes all over, but I can guarantee you, that this is intentional. The changes that I did are building upon each other, so the changes in #5604 require the changes in #5446 and #5444. So the PRs are done in a way that when the first PR is accepted, I will update the others and the changes that have been accepted will vanish from the other PRs.

So now that the code is ready, this could go into Joomla 3.4.0, depending on the PLT, but more importantly depending on you. To get this into Joomla core, we as a project need more feedback on these Pullrequests. They need to be tested and a code-review needs to be done and developers have to take a look if they think this whole thing is sane. So please spread the word and help out yourself to make this happen.