Hi folks,

just trying to keep everybody in the loop. Since my last update 12 days ago I did a few more PRs and 2 of those are routing related. Not only that, but these are major ones, which are the bread and butter of this whole project and which are the parts that will help component developers out there to write high quality component routers in no time.

The first one is the PR with the number #5444: Routing: Implementing JComponentRouterAdvanced
This PR implements a new base class for component routers that allows for rule based routing. It has a lot of abstraction in it. Most of it is described in the PR itself, so please read up and comment there.

The second one is the PR with the number #5446: Routing: JComponentRouterRulesMenu to find right Itemid
This implements the first router rule, which basically makes the *HelperRoute classes obsolete. In that PR in the testing instructions, you can see how your router would have to be changed to take advantage from this. The code that I've provided there will also be the code that in the end will make your router. Everything else can be removed.

I'm currently really busy, but I thought I'd throw that update out there and hopefully sweeten your holidays. :-)