As I wrote here already, Joomla depends on the contributions of its community. Contrary to projects like Wordpress or Drupal, Joomla is not owned by a company and thus also does not have paid developers, who provide constant man-power. That makes development work difficult to calculate and it also means that people only work on what they want and feel comfortable with. The result is, that especially complex changes tend to take years until someone works on them and people rather create workarounds instead of fixing the original problem.

As a longterm contributor of the Joomla project, I try my best to give as much development time as possible to the project. As you can see on the topic of URL routing, I don't shy away from complex and very longterm topics, but I can also only provide as much time as long as it does not interfers with my normal job. That means that I have a long list of ideas and projects which I would like to contribute, but just not enough time to actually do the work.

This is where you can join in. If you benefit from Joomla, either as a website owner or as a service provider in the Joomla ecosystem, I offer you an easy way to support the Joomla project. You can make it possible for me to work more on Joomla by financing some development hours. Maybe you have a specific feature, which you want someone to work on or you want to support one of my bigger projects. Maybe you just want someone to go through a bunch of bugs in the Joomla bug tracker. In all these cases I am happy to help.

I have a few areas that I want to touch in the near future, mainly for Joomla 4.0. My main focus will be on the search system in Joomla, merging com_search and com_finder. At the moment com_finder is difficult to use and indexing is very slow, while com_search has really bad search results. The goal is to combine the good search results of com_finder with the usability of com_search and at the same time make it a bit more performant.
Another area are the Model-View-Controller classes. (Almost) all Joomla components are built upon these classes, but they still collected some dust. The basic concept is from the 2007 and the last major change happened in 2009, which unfortunately also introduced some structural bugs. I would like to create new classes, which makes the development of Joomla components easier.
The last, urgent project for Joomla 4.0 is the mail-handling. Joomla currently does not allow customizing systemmails. Be it mails for user registration or from third party extensions, they either only allow changes through modifications of the language strings or the third party extension has to bring its own system for this. Joomla would benefit greatly from a central mail management in which all system mails can be customised, complete with HTML- and Plaintext-content, different senders and additional receivers.

If you want to support me in this work, contact me for an individual solution. You could for example sponsor one or two developer hours for bugfixing per month or a few developer days for a specific feature. Talk to me and I am sure that we will find a mutually interesting solution. Of course all of the changes sponsored by you will be marked accordingly and you will be noted in a thank you-message on this website.

I am looking forward to you and your support for the Joomla project.

This offer is not coordinated or endorsed by the Joomla project.