The design of your website is the most important element of your online profile, even more important than the content itself. The outward appearance of your site is the part that captivates your user and which intrigues him to notice your content in the first place. Creating a catching design is not as easy as it once was. Rules for accessibility and mobile-ready design result in advanced requirements, but are also essential to any serious business website.

I am collaborating with several experienced webdesigners, who will create your individual design for your website, which I will then do the technical implementation of.

An accessible website here does try to achieve good contrasts and font sizes, as well as a structure which can easily be accessed and navigated by a screenreader. (A software for people with visual impairements) This also benefits mobile devices, where sufficiently large font sizes even on small screens are required. At the same time you want to make the best use of the screen realestate that you have and so you might even reorder the elements on your website to best fit the size of the current screen. Do test this yourself: When you resize this browser window on a desktop to the size of a mobile device, you will see how the website adapts to the different screen size.