A website is more than just a collection of static texts and often enough your requirements are a lot more individual than a ready-made solution on the market can deliver. In such a case, you need a custom coded solution for your problems, which I am happy to provide. My goal is to provide you with the best results. Joomla by default already provides a large number of features and in its ecosystem there are several thousand extensions, which already cover a lot of requirements. Regardless if I am supposed to modify an existing extension for you or create something entirely new for you: For all of my work, I have the highest standards.


Each extension should solve your personal needs and make your everyday life in regards to your website easier. In cooperation with you, I will create a catalog of features, which I will then realise for you matching your requirements. Don't change your vision to fit a given solution. Let me provide you with your customised featureset for your website.


Studies have shown that the rate of users leaving your site rises significantly when your site is delayed by even just one second. Even delays of slightly less than a second do have negative consequences for the user experience. That is why a fast website directly relates to your bottom-line. Profit from my years of experience in optimising code, so that your individually developed code is not the bottleneck.


Security does not only mean that hackers can not get unauthorised access, but also that the data of the users of your services are protected against malicious attackers. My highest priority is to provide you with secure code and that entails, as explained, not only the hardening against unwanted entry, but also the responsible handling of the data that your customers entrusted you with. Benefit from my expert knowledge und protect yourself and your users.

Futureproof Development

A system like Joomla is always being enhanced and so with this CMS, your website, too, will benefit from those enhancements. It is of great importance to me that my work for you provides you with the best longtime value and especially that not every update requires additional modifications. For this, I take great care to stick to Joomla standards and to develop in the spirit of the Joomla system. This especially means that I do not simply change existing code, called core-hacking, but provide futureproof extensions or code overrides.

Contact me and let us solve your requirements for your website together.